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Unlimited Accounts
Unlock the Stora experience
to your entire family. Add unlimited account creation to your Stora.
If you have a TiVo, this feature it Perfect for you! Stream your photo and music content straight from your Stora to your family room TV using your TiVo remote.
Secure FTP
Looking to ensure your remote communications is lock-down secure? Add FTPS to your Stora

Want to really impress your
guests? Show them your holiday pictures using the 3D Wall CoolIris interface. Now that’s cool!

RSS feed
Keep your friends and family
regularly updated with your
latest holiday photos using the integrated RSS feed feature

Here’s a great idea, create
your albums on Stora then automatically push them to your Flickr account for friends and family to see.

USB Backup
USB Backup makes backing
up the content of your Stora
on to a USB drive easy and convenient.

Share and download files directly from your Stora using the torrent peer-to-peer protocol anytime! More...

Continuously sync your media between your Stora, your PCs and your Macs anytime and from anywhere. It's your very own cloud sync solution! More...
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